Checking in at a milestone: How good is Mike Trout?

It took 813 games, but Angels outfielder Mike Trout knocked in his 500th career RBI against the Oakland A’s on Tuesday. We all know Trout is an amazing baseball player, but let’s take a look at exactly what this freak of nature is doing.

First, let’s visit the accolades. Every year he’s been eligible, Trout has been named an All Star and won a Silver Slugger award. As for MVP voting, he has never finished worse than second (even as a rookie) and won in both 2014 and 2016. I believe he’s also won thickest neck in the American League each year, so he’s got that going for him as well.

Let’s break down some offensive numbers. They say numbers never lie, and in Trout’s case, they just strengthen his case as one of the best ball players on the planet right now. As far as hitting goes, not many power hitters hold up next to the Angels’ outfielder. The previously mentioned RBI number stands for itself, as that number averages out to five 100-RBI seasons. But not only is Trout driving in runs, he’s scoring them with 601 runs scored. With his lifetime on-base percentage of .405, Trout is crossing the plate 41.6 percent of the time he has gotten on base. His speed does wonders for getting himself in scoring position by swiping his way to second and stretching singles into doubles.

Center field at Angel Stadium is where base hits go to die. I could go through and bore you with more numbers and advanced stats about runs saved and range factor, but I won’t. Really, it comes down to the gif I’ve attached. Trout passes the eye test when it comes to playing defense, and you can see he’s incredible at it. One eye-popping statistic I can throw at you shows his ability to field the ball cleanly. Out of 1,990 chances to make a play, Trout has committed just 15 errors for a fielding percentage of .992.

Now, you might think I’ve got a man crush on Mike Trout or that I’m even an Angels fan. Honestly, I’m the complete opposite. As a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan, I can’t bring myself to ever cheer for the Angels. It’s a constant battle in our house who our kids will cheer for as the wife is a born and bred Angels fan. The truth is, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man, because the last player I can recall with any resemblance to Trout at the plate and in the field is my sports hero, Ken Griffey Jr.

(Notes: I refuse to refer to the Angels as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, so they’ll be the Angels. Also, it was much harder than you’d think to avoid an Angels in the Outfield reference.)

Feature photo by Brigham Berthold


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