A night at a ballgame: BYU at UVU

Last week, the wife and I took the man cub and diaper dandy to a college baseball game. It was the Crosstown Clash between BYU and Utah Valley, and the Cougars busted out the whooping sticks to the tune of a 23-4 beat down. The game was essentially over after BYU ripped three two-run homers in the first inning.

Despite the lopsided result, we still enjoyed the game. The first thing to know about UVU’s park, Brent Brown Ballpark, is that it has one of the most scenic backdrops in all of baseball, major leagues included. You can see part of the school as you look over the berm beyond the left field wall and past the fountain, but as the sun sets behind the grand stand and first base line, it paints the Wasatch Mountains pink.

As I’ve mentioned before, the man cub is really into baseball right now and he was ecstatic about going to the game from the moment we told him about it. With what might be a mild case of ADHD (not really, he’s just a two-year-old with a lot of energy), it’s hard to get the man cub to sit through anything, much less if he’s supposed to be contained. But that night, he was ready for the game to start at the national anthem as he stood with his hat over his heart. It was a proud moment.

The game moved at a snail’s pace. The Wolverines are a slow-paced team to begin with, but their inability to get outs didn’t help. It took almost two hours to play through four innings when the Cougars had a 10-1 lead. BYU put a cherry on top of the night with a nine-run seventh inning, which was punctuated by a grand slam.

No matter what level of college baseball is nearby, you should check it out. The level of play isn’t close to the quality you’ll get at an MLB game, so don’t expect it (a lot of that has to do with the minor leagues). But you can’t beat the view at a college baseball game for the cost of a ticket. Most college stadia aren’t big enough to warrant a bad view, and if you tried to pay the same price of admission at an MLB game you’d either be sitting in the nose-bleed seats or left outside.

In the end, the wind was blowing, it was cold and we lasted four and a third.

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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