The baseball hat

When you’re follicley challenged like I am, (I’m bald, ok? I’ve accepted it.) there are a few things that become your best friend. You can either become closely acquainted with sun screen to protect your Q-ball-like dome, or you can use it as an excuse to wear your favorite team and/or brand everywhere you go. I choose the latter to prevent cranial melanoma.

A baseball hat will tell people a lot about you. The logo situated directly above your eyes will be one of the first things people see when they meet you. Where are you from? How loyal of a person/fan are you? Of course, people can always make assumptions about you by just looking at the hat on your head. If you’re wearing a New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox hat on the West Coast, you can’t be upset if you get called a frontrunner. There’s a certain connotation that comes with every team and you’re accepting that by putting the hat on your head. Mostly I get sympathetic looks when I wear my Seattle Mariners hats away from the Pacific Northwest.

Part of what’s so great about the baseball hat is its versatility in wear. You can always go with the classic forward look, my favorite way to go. It blocks the sun out of your eyes, keeps the rain off your face and gives you a few extra inches of clearance if somebody gets in your face.

You can turn it around and go backwards for the Ken Griffey Jr. look. You look cool and you can always wear a catcher’s mask. I realize this isn’t an everyday task for most people, but for some reason it’s become one in my house. The man cub likes to pitch and thinks I need to look like a catcher when we play baseball.

Don’t wear it sideways. Ever.

Your baseball hat can be a symbol to show respect or disgust or a place to hide your face. Send your acknowledgment as you give a subtle tip if the bill with the nod of your head, or give it a slight tug with your index finger and thumb. You can also wave it high above your head to acknowledge those who are showing you respect. Show your deepest respects by placing your hat over your heart. Of course, you can also show disrespect or disgust by throwing your hat on the ground like Lou Piniella always did. Your hat can be your best friend in a moment of despair as it covers your face and lets you cry into its crown.

As someone who wears a baseball hat every day, I’ve gotten quite attached to them. My size 7 1/2 has become as much part of my wardrobe as my shoes. I represent my roots by wearing my New Era 59/50 every day, while protecting my chrome dome from the sun.


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