Tip of the cap to the Arizona Diamondbacks

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a hat guy. I like the way they look, keep my head warm from a breeze, and protect it from the sun. As a hat lover, I spend a lot of time shopping for hats—I mean it, Lids is always on the ads on my browser.

MLB has done a lot to allow teams to mix up the hats they wear on a nightly basis, which is nice because it breaks up some monotony and gives buyers more options. Periodically, I’d like to go through each team’s on-field hats and share what I’ve seen. It’s a little different, but it gives me an excuse to shop for hats and I get to do what I want around here.

So, let’s go alphabetically and start with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It’s got to be expensive to be a Diamondbacks fan, because they have a lot of on-field hats and, for the most part, they look great. The standard red and black “A” logo and snake “D” logos are each used on two hats. The “A” logo is on a solid black cap and black with red snake skin print that tapers down the crown. The snake “D” logo is on a red hat, as well as another with the same snake skin pattern. The other two hats the D-Backs utilize are a purple throwback with the “A” logo, and the alternate snake logo on a black crown with a red bill.

Though each hat is a good look on its own, the hats I would have to put at the bottom of the totem pole are the snake skin prints. The print feels like it takes away from a sharp color and nice logo on the hat. I’m one for a crisp look, and the snake skin seems like it belongs in the minor leagues or NCAA.

The purple hat looks good; it’s classic Diamondbacks. My only problem is that it feels like it should be left in the 1990s where it came from. Arizona has gone to a deep red with black, and it should stay there.

Screenshot taken from lids.com

The solid black and red hats are both great looks. I would wear either one of these caps. By taking the snake skin away, you get a nice, clean look that feels like it belongs with the pristine cut grass of an MLB ballpark.

This might go against what I said above, but I love the black and red hat with the alternate snake logo. I’m a sucker for a hat with a secondary bill color and an alternate logo. The black and red together look very sharp, and the red snake is a good look against the black crown. This is a hat that I would make a conscious effort to coordinate with an outfit (because that’s what I do).

The D-Backs have some good on-field looks with their six hats. However, I’m glad they’re not my team, because there are too many options. Which one do you like?

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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