Tip of the cap to the Atlanta Braves

As part of my journey to find the Major League Baseball that has the best hats, I’ve put together my three Cs for what make a sharp hat.

  1. Crisp. I don’t like when there’s too much going on with the logo or design. Keep it simple.
  2. Contrast. Something that makes the color on a cap pop is the contrast of a team’s primary and secondary colors on the crown (top part) and bill. I’ll tell you right now, most of my favorite hats utilize this design.
  3. Change. I get bored easily. If you’re not going to mix up your look and wear something new, you bore me.

Of course, there are exceptions to these guidelines. If something catches my eye, I’m willing to think outside of my box.

One of my favorite hats in MLB right now belongs to the Atlanta Braves. The Braves have a pretty basic look with all their hats. You’ll see either the typical, italicized capital A, with upturned points on the bottom, or a lower-case a. The only deviation you’ll find from either of these logos is the use of a tomahawk, which takes the logo to a new level.

There are two standard hats the Braves are wearing right now. The road hat is a solid (both crown and bill) navy blue with a white A. This look is clean and crisp, but it’s boring. The home hat has the same logo and navy blue crown, but the bill and squatchee (the button on top) are red. The Braves nailed this one and this hat is sharp. The logo has a crisp look against the navy blue, but the contrast of the red bill against the crown makes both colors pop and that’s what improves the hat.

Let’s take a quick trip down to Orlando, Florida, where the Braves spend Spring Training. This spring, a lot of teams revamped their Spring Training and batting practice hats. Atlanta went with two solid navy blue hats, but they look good. The first hat is a simple, navy tomahawk with a red outline. It’s simple and it looks nice, but I would like it more with a red bill. The other hat is a red lower-case a on the navy hat. It’s nice, but not my particular brand of vodka. This look is also used as a throwback game cap.

Screenshot taken from Lids.com
The best looking hat the Braves wear is a variation of the home hat. The navy crown and red bill stay the same, but this A is red and it’s crossed with a red tomahawk. I love this cap more than just about any others in the league.

This alternate hat fits my three Cs because the colors and design are crisp and simple, I’m all about the bill and crown contrast, and the logo is an excellent change from the everyday look. I don’t know yet if it’s my favorite, but I’ll keep looking to find another that looks as good.

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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