Tip of the cap to the Baltimore Orioles

Our quest to find the best hats in Major League Baseball takes us to Baltimore, Maryland. I’ll be up front about how I feel about the Baltimore Orioles’ color scheme, I’m not a fan. The black helps with the orange, but I’m not a guy who wears much orange. That being said, the Orioles do have a hat that has caught my eye. So, let’s see what we’re working with.

The primary hat the Orioles wear has a black crown with a white front panel, an orange bill and an orange squatchee (the top button). This is the color scheme for the home hat. The logo on the front is the cartoon oriole face with a baseball hat. This hat by itself is hideous. The black and white are sharp and have a nice contrast, but the orange takes away from that sharp look. Although, this hat looks great with the home Orioles uniform. I think it’s the white on the hat with the white uniform that ties it together and looks so good.

The Orioles’ road hat is the same concept as the home hat, but the crown is solid black. The black crown draws a sharper contrast against the orange bill and makes the orange pop. This makes for a much better look than the home hat.

The other cap that uses the cartoon-like oriole logo is this year’s Spring Training hat. This hat is simple and crisp. The crown and bill are solid black with an orange squatchee. I’m not a fan of the cartoon logo, but it doesn’t look too bad against the black crown because it’s a minimal amount of orange.

Screenshot taken from Lids.com

If I must pick a hat of the Orioles’ that I like best, it’s the alternate. This cap has the same color composition of the road hat with the black crown and orange bill and squatchee, but rather than the cartoon oriole logo it has an orange cursive “O’s” logo. I prefer the solid black crown against the orange bill compared to the white front panel, but the real difference maker is smaller logo. It’s a better style than the cartoon logo because it doesn’t look so much like a blob of orange.

The Orioles are proof that a hat doesn’t always look good by itself, sometimes it needs the rest of the uniform to tie it all together.

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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