Top-heavy MLB season is one of a kind

Winning 100 of 162 games is a big deal. Even the best teams won’t reach the century mark in a season, and there a lot of times it doesn’t happen at all across Major League Baseball. However, this season, three teams have reached the 100-win mark in the final weekend of the season.

After the Houston Astros downed the Boston Red Sox 3-2 Friday night, they joined the Cleveland Indians and LA Dodgers in this season’s 100-win club. To have a single team reach 100 wins is something special, but three teams is something we might not see again for a while. Let’s take a look at just how uncommon such an occurrence is.

This is the 12th time the century mark has been reached by one team since the year 2000. No team reached the mark the 2000 season, but the Seattle Mariners set a record with 116 wins in 2001.

The next two years in a row we saw three teams win 100 games each season. In 2002, the New York Yankees, Oakland A’s and Atlanta Braves all surpassed the 100-win mark. The Yankees, Braves and San Francisco Giants all won 100 games in 2003. It hadn’t happened again until this year. What happened during the years in between?

The Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals won 101 and 105 games, respectively, in 2004. The only team that was anywhere near joining the two teams in the 100-win club was the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, who won 98 games.

In 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2016 just one team reached 100 wins each season. Of those six teams, last year’s Chicago Cubs and the 2009 Yankees were the only two teams to make it all the way to the promised land and win the World Series.

History doesn’t seem to be any indicator of who will perform well during the postseason. Even though the Astros, Dodgers and Indians have been dominant all season, there’s a chance they could each fall off for the postseason. Especially with the Indians and Dodgers riding massive hot streaks en route to their win totals.

Be sure to keep an eye on who’s hot now, especially the Yankees and Cubs, because even when the league is top-heavy as it has been this year, the rest of the postseason field is capable of taking any team out at any point.

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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