Tip of the cap to the Chicago Cubs

Our journey to find the best baseball hat in Major League Baseball takes us to the Windy City, which happens to come on a perfect day with Monday’s release of the 2018 Spring Training and batting practice hats. (I’m so excited about this.)

Like the Boston Red Sox, the Cubs have an iconic look that has been around for a long time. The classic red C with a white outline symbolizes the rich history of baseball that comes with Wrigley Field and the North Side of Chicago.

Like other teams that have been around since the dawn of time (since 1903 under the current moniker), the Cubs have used the same cap since 1957. The Cubs maintain the same crisp look of the red C against a solid blue cap with a red squatchee. The contrast of the simple red logo against the blue hat makes for an effortless but aesthetically pleasing look. The red squatchee pops against the solid blue field.

The Spring Training and batting practice hat is a refreshing change from the everyday look worn by the Cubs. The alternate logo worn on this cap is a a red circle–essentially a larger, closed version of the C–with a white center. Placed on top of the circle is a blue bear cub face logo. The hat utilizes the same solid blue color with a red squatchee. The use of the alternate logo presents more color to the hat and gives the red more of an opportunity to shine against the blue background.

With the release of the new Spring Training hats, there’s a subtle change to the material of the logo. The 2017 version was the Cool Base line (mesh) with fully stitched logos and a rubber Spring Training location patch–either “AZ” or “FL”– in the shape of an interstate sign on the right side of the cap.

The 2018 version is a solid polyester material similar to the everyday cap, but the location patch has been nixed while the rubber patch concept is used across all logos on the hat. The functionality of the rubber logo is an excellent idea, because anybody who’s ever owned a hat for a long time and worn it a lot knows the stitching on the logo is the first thing to go. On the contrary, there’s a stark difference between materials that looks interesting, and there’s a chance that the rubber logo can peel and fall off the hat. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

This new style is used with both hats.

Screenshot taken from MLBShop.com

In the end, as much as I like the alternate hat, the classic Cubs hat is the one that speaks to me. The everyday logo is a sharp look. The white outline around the C makes the logo standout against the blue hat and the red squatchee helps to bring it out as well. This would be my choice if I were to ever buy a Cubs hat, but not on your life.

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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