Tip of the cap to the Chicago White Sox

As opposed to their Northside adversaries, the Chicago White Sox have done more to change their cap over the years. No other team in Major League Baseball has the crisp, clean black and white color scheme the White Sox boast. Their black pinstripes matched with a black hat that makes them even look like the bad guys at home makes them hard to cheer for.

The standard White Sox hat is a full black hat with a descending “Sox” in white stitching. The white logo against a pure black background is a sharp look, but the logo feels messy compared to others that are used with the crowded lettering and the downturned tips on the x.

In addition to the everyday hat the White Sox wear, they have several alternate and batting practice hats that have been released for the 2018 season. One hat has the solid black crown and bill. The other two hats have a two-toned crown with a white front panel, a light navy blue back two-thirds and a red squatchee in addition to a red bill.

The alternate black hat and one of the three-toned caps use a throwback White Sox logo with a batter swinging a bat, similar to that of the MLB logo, but it’s stretched laterally with more detailed etching. The black hat looks good with the solid white logo, but it kind of looks like it would be the logo for the American Association of Professional Baseball or something like that.

As much as I love the black and white look the White Sox normally wear, the three-toned hat is a refreshing change. This color pattern feels like an excellent choice for an Independence Day hat. This alternate design uses the batter logo previously mentioned, but the colors are mixed up a bit. The head, hat, body, arm and bat of the hitter are the same navy as the back of the crown, but the hand/fist holding the bat is filled in red. This colored logo looks sharp and pops against the white field of the front panel.

The other trichromatic baseball hat used by the White Sox places a “SOX” logo (also a throwback logo) straight across the white front panel in navy blue block letters. Again, the navy blue really stands out against the white back ground and looks great, but what’s really nice is this logo; it’s my favorite of the three.

Screenshot taken from MLBShop.com

In the end, the combination of hats all have great ideas, but not one of them stands out to me above the rest as one that I would put into a regular wearing rotation. However, the three-tone hat with the “SOX” block letters is the hat that speaks to me the most. I would buy this hat in an instant if the lettering was white on the solid black cap. C’est la vie.

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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