Tip of the cap to the Cincinnati Reds

I don’t know if it’s really a thing or if it’s because I’m a Portland Trail Blazers fan, but there are few colors that go together better on a baseball hat than red and black. The Cincinnati Reds have the perfect combination of red and black against a variety of stark white logos on their hats.

The everyday hat the Reds wear is solid red with a white wishbone-C. The wishbone-C has a black shadow offset to the bottom of the logo, which helps to bring out the rest of the white logo. The classic red cap is a good look, but it’s a too plain.

The Reds have two alternate two-tone hats, and they both look outstanding. The first has the same red crown and white logo as the original cap, but the bill and squatchee are black. The other two-tone cap is essentially an inverse version with a black crown and a red bill, squatchee and wishbone-C. The logo has a white shadow compared to the previous black. Both color schemes do a lot to round out the contrast of the design of the hat.

In addition to the wishbone-C, the Reds use a throwback-style logo that references the early days of baseball with a mascot carrying a baseball bat that wears an old-fashioned Reds uniform and hat with a baseball head sporting a Rollie Fingers-style mustache. This logo is used on the solid red cap and the alternate with the black crown and red bill/squatchee combination. First off, the logo is amazing, and it looks sharp against the black crown.

New for the 2018 season, the Reds will have a third design for their batting practice hat that is also two-toned. This new design has a black bill and squatchee with black as the primary color on the crown. Rather than a traditional white front panel, this alternate has a red front panel. This new design also introduces a new logo from the two previously mentioned. Rather than the wishbone-C or mascot, the new batting practice hat uses a white Old English C. Like the original white wishbone-C, the Old English C has a black shadow below the letter itself.

There’s an inverse version of this hat with a red bill/squatchee and crown with a black front panel that keeps the white logo.

Screenshot taken from MLBShop.com

Honestly, I think making a decision between these seven designs has been the toughest to this point. I think the black crown has the best look of all the options, because it makes the red pop. As much as I like the red wishbone-C against the black crown, there’s nothing like a mustachioed baseball man carrying a baseball bat to brighten your day. I have to go with the alternate mascot logo on the black crown/red bill combination as my favorite Reds hat. This cap is perfectly fizzing.

Feature photo by Brigham Berthold


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