Tip of the cap to the Cleveland Indians

Today we’re going to make a somewhat unconventional move and incorporate a baseball hat that is not used by the Cleveland Indians in any way, shape or form. It’ll make sense when we get there, but a lot of it has to do with the racial implications of the Chief Wahoo logo used by the Indians. As per usual, we’ll start with the hats worn on the field by Cleveland.

The primary cap worn by the Indians uses the Chief Wahoo logo, which depicts a red-faced Indian with a giant grin and navy blue hair with a single red feather in his headdress. The home hat that uses this logo has a navy blue crown with a red bill and red squatchee. The alternate road hat that uses the same logo replaces the red bill and squatchee with a solid navy blue hat. Of these two, the two-toned cap is the best look, because the red bill makes the logo pop against the navy blue crown. However, the solid navy hat is a crisp look.

Speaking of a crisp, navy blue hat, the road hat worn by Cleveland is solid navy blue with a red block C logo. The simplicity of the block C against the navy blue is stunning. This has been the Indians’ primary logo since 2014. The use of the block C was implemented to begin the process of phasing out the use of the Chief Wahoo logo. Though we still see the use of Chief Wahoo on the primary home hat, there’s a possibility it could be completely phased out soon.

An alternate version of this road hat is its inverse. The crown and bill are solid red with a navy blue block C on the front. While the block C still looks nice as a logo, the red drowns out the navy blue and makes it less pronounced on the front of the cap.

The new batting practice hat is an updated version of the 2017 version by nixing the mesh and going with a full polyester crown and bill. Standard with the 2018 model, the block C is a rubber logo on the front of the cap, which has a navy blue bill and rear panels with a red front panel. The squatchee is also navy blue and it stands out nicely against the red front panel. The rubber logo is navy blue, and brings out the red on the front panel.

Screenshot taken from Baseballism.com

Now, I truly love the use of the block C. It’s simple, it’s sharp, it looks nice. However, one of my favorite companies has done something incredible as a tribute to one of my favorite baseball movies. Baseballism took the mohawked baseball from the cover of Major League and put it on a navy blue hat. It is easily the best look that has anything to do with the Indians. Maybe this look should replace the caps with Chief Wahoo. At least once or twice a year?

Photo by Brigham Berthold


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