Tip of the cap to the Detroit Tigers

Let’s take a short break from season recaps and tip our caps to another Major League Baseball team. If you would like a refresher of my criteria for what I look for in a baseball hat, you can find it here.

Our next stop on our baseball hat journey takes us to the Detroit Tigers. With an old-fashioned look that’s been around forever, the Tigers own another iconic MLB hat.

Primarily, the Tigers wear two versions of their everyday hat, which is a solid navy blue with an Old English “D” logo on the front. The home hat uses a white logo, while the road hat uses an orange logo. Another subtle difference on the road hat is an orange squatchee to match the logo. The white on navy is a sharp and classic look. The orange presents little contrast against the navy blue and kind of looks dirty. Of course, I’m generally not a fan of the color orange to begin with.

The 2018 batting practice hats are a pleasant change of pace from the logo that’s been used on the Tigers’ hats in some form or another for the last 100-plus years. Of the two hats, the first look is closest to the traditional scheme the Tigers wear on the field. It’s a solid navy blue cap, but the logo is changed to a tiger face. This logo is also used on a solid-colored bright orange hat. Honestly, it looks like something a deer hunter might wear.

The tiger logo reminds me of something that would be used by LSU or any other college or high school with a tiger moniker. However, the look is a solid change from the tired Old English “D.”

Screenshot taken from MLBShop.com

If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of any of the Tigers’ hats. The Old English logo is plain and blase. Meanwhile, the tiger logo feels elementary and doesn’t look like something that belongs on a professional uniform. If I had to pick one of the four options, I would probably go with the standard home hat. This hat is the Detroit Tigers and what comes to mind anytime I think of the city of Detroit.

If I had it my way, the Tigers would darken the white logo to a dark gray, then go with a matching bill and squatchee. This would mix up the monotony of white against navy while avoiding the awful orange.


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